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denizaya 9.07.2018 11:17

DM ads.txt ile ne yapıyoruz?
DM'den mesaj geldi para kazanmaya devam etmek için "ads.txt" üzerinde işlem yapmanız gerekiyor diyor. ne yapacağız bununla anlamadım?

Gelen mesaj böyle;

Implementing ads.txt
 Avatar  Helpcenter
13 hours ago Updated
Publishers can create an ads.txt file in Notepad or any other basic text-editing program according to the specifications set out by the IAB. Ads.txt must contain the following fields:

Mandatory fields:

Domain name of the advertising system, SSP or an ad exchange (ex. ‘');
Publisher account ID (a unique string of numbers/letters);
Type of relationship (‘direct’ or ‘reseller’);
Optional field:

Certification authority ID (currently TAG ID);
Comments can be added in the file after the “#” symbol. The comments will not be taken into account by the crawler
This is how the string would look in an “/ads.txt” file:, pub-7019376976432612, RESELLER # video

Learn more about ads.txt here.
In order to continue earning revenue via the Dailymotion player on your websites, you’ll need to make a quick update.
We’ve pulled together all the ads.txt lines you need in order to keep earning revenue on your websites through Dailymotion Player (link below)
If you’ve already created an ads.txt page, simply add these lines to your file.
If you've NOT created the ads.txt file, upload the attached text file to your root domain under the path "/ads.txt" (i.e.
If you want to add additional lines to the ones provided in this email or need additional information, use the following resource:
IAB Ads.txt page (
We recommend implementing these lines to your ads.txt file as soon as possible in order to ensure that your Dailymotion advertising revenue is not impacted.

Click below to download Dailymotion's ads.txt. file.

Dailymotion ads.txt 6.29.2018.txt
30 KB Download

fatihbaz 9.07.2018 20:54

sadece video yükleyerek para kazananların alakası yok bu olayla.web siten varsa,yani sitende sana yada başkasına ait videoları yayınlayarak para kazanıyorsan dailymotionun sana verecegi ads.txt dosyasını sitenin ftpsine göndermen,siteni dogrulaman gerekiyor..

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